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Afraid of mistake on attaching porch

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Our house is 20' x 32'. In the photo, you are seeing the 32' west facade with south to the right.

We want to add a 12 foot deep two level porch to the west facade. It will have its own separate, shallow pitched roof, attached slightly below the main roof, so it's not a deck. The second level will wrap the north/back side with steps to yard.

We are removing the current screen porch and porch roof on the lower level, which currently hides the front door, and will have a half walled recessed entry with front steps on that (southwest) corner.

On the second level, we have windows that wrap the west and south sides with a gorgeous view. I hate to block that view with a porch header and railing.

Would it be absolutely bonkers to start the porch not at the front corner, but instead immediately behind the second level windows and lower level recessed entry i.e. begin both levels of the porch about 8' back from the front? The porch will extend behind the house either way.

Will x post on Porches and Decks. Thanks for your help!

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