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Plump Sugar Snap Pea?

James Watson
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I was taking a trip to Michigan about 4 years ago and stopped at a farm stand and decided to buy a bag of sugar snap peas already out of their pods. At worst I was expecting them to taste something slightly better than frozen peas in a store. Nope, these peas were amazing.

Now that I have a house with some land I can use for gardening I decided that this year I would like to grow sugar snap peas. After reading reviews I chose super sugar snap peas from Burpee, which I'll be planting this weekend in Northern Illinois (stop me if this is too soon). Impatient and eager to relive the Michigan sugar snap experience I purchased some peas from my local grocery store. To my disappointment, the pods looked great but the flavor was mediocre and the peas were dinky.

That made me wonder and leads me to my question: are sugar snap peas generally smaller in size, or is my grocery store selling a poor-quality variety or did their vendor pick the pods too soon? I'm really hoping to get a plumper pea inside of the pod with the variety I purchased. Is there a variety of pea that is larger in size for sugar snap peas or are they all generally the same size? I've seen pictures of the Cascadia that looked to be more of what I was expecting. Just trying to get some confirmation that I'll be growing a quality pea pod and it won't look like my local grocery store assuming I take care of the plants. Thanks.

Image of pea pods from the store (Houzz image upload isn't working for me currently)

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