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Planning an ensuite

Rose Ratliffe
5 years ago
We currently have an odd setup where we go through the (useless) closet space into a tiny (40"x66") 2 piece ensuite. We would like to change it into a 3 piece ensuite. we have a custom wardrobe that holds our clothes so losing the closet space is not an issue.
The first sketch is the current layout. The 15" box in the top left corner is the enclosure for our natural gas water heater. We can get rid of it by switching to a high efficiency water heater, but do not know if it is worth the bother.

The next 2 sketches are proposed layouts. I am wondering if there are any pros and cons between them. we have ruled out putting the shower on the outside wall as there is a window there. We also talked about trying to have the door on the hallway wall, but could not come up with a layout.

Thanks for any feedback.

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