New kitchen cabinets installed and are the wrong color!

3 years ago

We are currently building a house and they installed our cabinets and countertops only to find out that the cabinets have been painted the wrong color. (They are suppose to be white, but ended up being an awful creamy yellow that clashes with the white and grey quartz counter tops we picked.)

The contractor has taken responsibility for the mistake and is having them repainted for us. Here is my question: The cabinets had a 12 step baked on paint coating for durability, and now they only want to take the drawers and cabinet doors back to the cabinet maker to have them re-painted, while the bases will have to be painted on site since the counter tops are already on. Will the bases be as durable without the same 12-step baked on process? Should I ask for some kind of guarantee against chipping? If so how long is reasonable?

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