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Shed roof garage attached to the end of a modular gabled roof house

6 years ago

We're discussing a garage addition in our house in the Four Corners.
I'm getting a lot of recommendations to add a garage with a gabled roof to echo the ranch style modular house. The gable isn't a design we're much enamored of. We also don't necessarily want it to "match" the house.
I'm trying to find an example of shed roof garages that perhaps work with the house but aren't long extensions thereof if that makes sense. We have hardiboard siding on the house with rusting galvanized metal on the lower level (not visible here). We plan to put a standing rib metal roof on the garage & use metal siding of a different hue.
I just can't find pictures that put my mind at rest that this won't end up looking like a large storage shed. Can anyone point me in a good direction? The sun is so bright that detail is a bit lost here...

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