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Master Closet vs. Laundry Room: That Last 18"...

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Greetings! We're updating a master walk-in closet (below photo, on left) that abuts a second floor closet-turning-laundry room (room on the right). The master closet dimensions are currently 11' long (with a small window along one side, and a convex curved wall along another) x 8.5' wide (at narrowest).

There is 18" of contested space between the rooms; if we added it to the closet, we'd be making the master closet a little longer at 12.5' x 8.5'. If we keep it in the laundry room, we'll have room for a dedicated folding countertop at least 8.5' long and more storage.

Questions: is it worth it to grab the additional 18" for the master closet? Or will it not materially add much more storage space, and we get more bang for our buck keeping it in the laundry room?

Separate but related question - can we fit some kind of island / floating storage in the middle of that master walk in closet (not fully pictured), or would the dimensions be too small for it? Thanks!

Photos: Two rooms: Master closet on left (goes much deeper to the left than in picture), future laundry room on right.

Future laundry room (cabinets on either side; 18" deep on left, plenty deep on right for machines).

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