TABLE height kitchen island?? what?? help finalizing kitchen cabinets

3 years ago
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I have been torn for a long time on the seating in my kitchen. There is not room for both a kitchen island and table seating.

I have come to the conclusion that we want a table height kitchen island with corner seating.

We have plenty of countertop space along our L shaped kitchen and I see the island as more a dropping space rather then time I will spend prepping meals. However, I realize it might end up being annoying, since it may be hard on the back to bend to table height.

I dislike barstool seating very much and find it very uncomfortable. This would be where most of our family meals take place. I want to encourage time spent at family meals. Not quick and easy.

Can you argue me out of a table height island? I would love to hear more prospective before I make the order.

I love this layout below and like that the island countertop will be one height. It will be easier to see people who are seated at the table. Also, the idea of two heights of countertop would be less user friendly in my mind.

I feel that it

is very friendly for a young family as well as my parents who are in their late 60's.

I don't want to make a big mistake however I can't get passed the benefits of this layout.

Also I don't like chairs in the walkway. This is another reason I'm keeping the island and not just switching to a kitchen table. (That and the extra storage an island would provide.)

I would love to hear from your experience, since a table height island is so uncommon.

Also their is two sizes of island I'd like to get your preference.


78x54 (including 18" overhang)

66x54 island (including 18" overhang)

This is the cabinets we are getting, however we are creating seating on the island and lower island at 30".

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