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Spanish RENO that's gotten TOO big! HELP! Need new floor plan!!

Angel Florek
4 years ago

Ok...long story short. We bought a HUGE fixer upper at 3500sqft, with basement. We added all the beds on the second story and we ended at 4900 sqft roughly, not including 880 basement that's just cement. But as much as we LOVE LOVE LOVE our floor plan, true dream home... We don't love how much it's going to cost to build it.

So our options are wait for things to dial back in the market, who KNOWS how long that will take or START FROM SCRATCH! I have spent YEARS, no joke, looking at thousands of floor plans. But I can never find anything to work. It took over a year to make this one. Maybe someone out there can make this wishlist come true.

FYI-Our property faces the south end of our property.


-Max 4000 sqft

-Master suite, nothing crazy

-2 generous kids room, our kids share (we have 5 kids)

-1 modest nursery

- CENTRALLY located kitchen: line of sight to as many rooms as possible is important since I cook a lot and hate be exiled to cooking closets

- Large dining room: huge gathering house, always have been, use formal dining always

-large Family room: again gathering

-NO formal living: never use ours currently

-Big kids room to play, basement won't happen for years, teen future hang out but kids are all small

-small office, for work just needs to fit a desk and lock


-BIG from driveway on WEST side

- eat in kitchen space for breakfast and homework kids

- easy access to backyard on SOUTH side of house

Of course we have ALL of this in our plan. But we just know it has to be able to be done on a more modest scale. I've seen so many old homes with these kids of features.


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