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Laundry room/ powder room update from 1951 knotty pine

Michelle Litzau
5 years ago
(Excuse the mess) We have a 1951 4-level home with several awkward areas, including the knotty pine laundry room - complete with a tiny toilet with no door.

• First view is from the entrance door, into “bathroom”.
• Second is clearer pic of current “bathroom” space.
• Third is wall with W/D, fuse box is located directly over. Outside door currently caulked shut by previous owner, but I’d like to make accessible.
• Fourth is (a mess) looking straight across length of room. Door isn’t currently used, but leads into the entirely open L-shaped family room.
• (Will attach a few more pics in comment section)

Current plan:
- After removing everything except plumbing and washer/dryer, I want to strip, sand then whitewash the knotty pine throughout. Anything resembling a beam (mostly in bathroom) will be left as is, trim and pipes painted white.
- replace utility sink with a combo utility vanity.
- pull up tiles and paint concrete, likely a gray or white, possibly a stencil.
- ... I’m not even sure what else to consider doing here ... but some things I’ve considered:
• we need a door of some sort on that bathroom...
• patch up the door to the family room since it’s not used? Otherwise is drywall and could figure it out but not sure on the panel side...
• install IKEA-style open and closed storage on the back wall ...


*Please excuse the mess! Just cleared 8 years of junk out of subbasement this weekend and if it didn’t have a place or new home it relocated here for the moment*

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