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Contemporary Curb Appeal To 80s Track Home

6 years ago
Hello Everyone,

My wife and I have lived in this starter home about eight miles from the coast in San Diego for the last two years. When we purchased the home, the entire interior was renovated with a modern contemporary feel with all new flooring, molding, paint, bathrooms, and kitchen. We flipped the backyard but there is still one problem: we are tired of people seeing the outside and being shocked when they walk in the door. I have saved some ideas on my idea book but we are looking for an affordable way to add curb appeal to this home (stressing the word affordable). Our backyard is done in succulents so we would love to add that to the front. Also, please ignore the whole in the ground... I had just finished fixing our water main when I took the photo. I look forward to your suggestions! Thank you!

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