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Does Anyone Have THIS Datura? And Have Seed For Sale/Trade?

4 years ago

i cant buy this one. it is in Canada and the only seller of it on EBay. Thy insist they wont sell to anyone with a zipcode that has a '3' at the beginning. And I am in 33309!

It is a datura, not poison or nuclear is datura seeds. This is the only place I have found this color for sale. I JUST found out about 'Box of Chocolates' 10 mins. ago, and the only sale of it, ended on EBay, a week ago!!!

At least it isn't double purple/white. i ma so bored with that!

so...this is on EBay..but I cant buy it. BUT the rest of the country can. i would be GREATFULL to buy them from anyone that would buy them from this seller, and make it worth the extra trouble to do so.

OR if you are growing it, do you have any seed for sale?

It is CREAM and PURPLE. Not 'Black Current Swirl', or double Purple/White. It is sold by 'TheSeedHouse' on Ebay, they are in Canada. But I, and like 4 other states, cant buy them from this seller. So I have put out like 5 posts in 5 forums on here, begging for the seeds. Or to find a fellow gardener, that might buy them, that CAN buy them from one of the other 45 states, and resell them to me. Here is the picture of it on EBay.

OR if you have any of this 'Box of Chocolates', and you have gotten a lot of cream/purple speckled blooms,not the double purple/white blooms. I have tons of that. I would LOVE those. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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