Barker Doors vs. Semihandmade vs. Scherr's in IKEA kitchen : RESULTS

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3 years ago
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Thought I'd post here, so if anyone in the future is looking for an apples-to-apples comparison between the three companies, the information is readily available. All information has been taken from my quotes, or directly from their website.

I submitted requests for quotes for my modified IKEA kitchen. Cabinets are all installed (and have been in use for 9 months) so we were confident in all sizing and needs. I requested quotes for 38 paint-grade shaker doors/drawers. No fillers or cover panels were needed.

Quote price, out the door:

  • Barker Doors - $1349.80 (includes shipping of $188.)
  • Semihandmade - $2744.00 (plus shipping, estimated to my state for $199 to $349, depending on weight.)
  • Scherr's - $2732.20 (Note: I was offered an additional discount by Luke at Scherr's, but this was the initial quoted price. Includes shipping of $195.)

I'll add in more information in the next comment.

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