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Silestone Eternal Statuario

Amy Saivetz
5 years ago

I learned about this countertop in this forum so I wanted to let you all know about my rather crazy experience with it. First, I live in NYC so I was able to go see the slab on display at the Cosentino offices. It's really beautiful in person and looks so much like real marble. I found a great deal on it at Home Depot, that put the cost close to $62/sq ft and pulled the trigger. Home Depot outsourced to a stone yard in Rhode Island and on the day of the install they brought in slabs that looked NOTHING like what I had gone to see. There was brown veining everywhere and the veins themselves were pixelated looking if you got up close. I was shocked and watched them install them not sure what to do. But the kicker was that they were actually damaged. There were two divets (not sure what else to call them) in the stone that were brown and the stone didn't have a smooth top. The installer took pics and the stone yard called me the next day to say the slabs were defective and they were ordering new ones. This time I insisted on driving to RI to see the slabs before they installed and they agreed. The new slabs looked exactly like what I saw in NYC and now I love the stone once again. Given the counters are manmade, I'm shocked they would have shipped such a defective slab. Just wanted to give everyone the heads-up in case they choose slabs from this manufacturer.

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