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Confused about IKEA kitchen installation

6 years ago
If I hire an installation service such as Traemand, I need to have someone demo and install the new floor first and paint, then have Traemand put in the cabinets, then the call the first contractor back to put in the backsplash after the counters are in? Is this less than hiring a contractor to do the whole job? It seems so. It seems crazy to pay a contractor $25,000 to demo 50sf. of floor, put in new tile there, install 12 cabinets, and 12 linear feet of backsplash and paint about 125 sf. I would rather use my own electrician and plumber. Don't the appliance companies install the new appliances? Am I missing something? I don't mind paying if it's warranted, but is it? Which way is best? All in one to install everything, or one to install just cabinets and one to install the rest?

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