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What color should I paint front door?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I have a couple of questions. We recently moved and are planning on painting our front door this spring.

1. Based on the photos below, what color would work well for the front door? We are pretty loyal to Benjamin Moore paint, so something in their palette would be best. We were originally thinking Hale Navy, but I think that will be too dark. I also like Van Deusen Blue, but I worry that may also be too dark. Thoughts?

2. Would you paint the door only? The door and sidelight panel and leave the trim beige? Or paint the door, sidelight and trim all the same color? If the trim is a different color than the door, we will be freshening that up with a beige, most likely. (The trim needs a good sanding and re-fresh.)

3. We have a back door that leads to the deck and backyard, would you paint that the same color as the front door or just freshen it up with a beige? (Whole back of the house is beige siding, like the upper level in the below photo.)

Here are some photos:

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