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Help - Need design ideas to add curb appeal to red brick home!

Tiffany Provence
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Desperate for suggestions to add curb appeal to this red brick home. I'm clueless on architecture and landscaping - more of an interior gal. I know we're going to redo the previous owners box garden / maze entrance but it needs more. We've considered painting or shutters or extending the front porch. Just can't figure out what's going to jazz this up a little . . . hoping for ideas.

EDIT - I'm happy everyone seems as distracted by this landscaping as I am. I was told that there is no reason for the winding sidewalk other than the owner's "vision." It will be redone. Sounds like the consensus is to leave the house alone and just fix this so perhaps my request should simply be for front landscape thoughts! Adding some extra photos of the maze.

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