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decorating around my archway

Mary Robbins
5 years ago

I'm looking for help decorating this space. I have this draw to decorate it symmetrically, but that's probably because that would be the "easy" thing to do.

I have 4 small children, but am trying to be minimal in the amount of toys I allow to reside in this space at one time. I've kicked around the idea of putting a cube organizer and a sling bookcase along this wall, but am unsure how to pull it together. I'm open to other ideas, but I can't have anymore than 2 bins out at a time otherwise my kids just get crazy, not really playing with the toys, but making messes and leaving them. I plan to rotate out the toys every few days. I want the book sling because I want my kids to have easy access to books, and be able to put them away easily. I also need to have diapers and wipes on hand easily because soooo many diapers. And a space for hair brushes/hair products would be great too, since we do hair downstairs usually. So really, a space for 4 bins would be perfect.

I'm open other set ups. I've thought about putting cabinets there (so I could lock toys away, haha) with a bookcase hutch on top, but I'm just really stumped. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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