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How do I prune this? New canes with lots of branching

HY aka NewbieRoseLover
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We're coming to the end of summer in Australia and as per advice, I'm thinking about doing "summer pruning" to reduce the size of my David Austen shrubs a bit before their next growth spurt & autumn flush, as they're already outgrowing my tiny suburban garden.

All of them have grown several thick new basal canes in the last couple of months, most to around 5 ft. and have flowered on those canes. I deadhead religiously but I haven't made any effort to reduce the overall bush size yet.

Some seem to only produce "candelabra" type clusters of blooms at the ends of the canes (Pat Austin, Abraham Darby, Evelyn - below) -

- and these are easy to prune because I know I just pick a leaf node with a bud eye below the cluster and cut there. There are usually several leaf nodes at varying lengths below the cluster that haven't grown any laterals yet, so there's a lot of choice.

Here is Pat Austin and you can see, the only branching is at the tips with a "clean' cane below and I'm planning to cut at a bud eye a bit below that (once her current crop of buds have opened)

But I'm confused over how to prune the roses with basal canes that have produced lots of branching? With several laterals growing from multiple leaf nodes simultaneously, all the way down the cane. Each lateral has produced buds & blooms too, so the blooms are all over the bush, rather than just at the ends.

The rose I've got doing this is Jubilee Celebration (also PAOK). Here's a picture of one of her new canes (that long slender cane to the right is actually a lateral coming off this main cane, from a lower leaf node):

Where to I cut?? If I try to follow the main cane down to find an "un-used" leaf node with a sleeping bud eye, I would end up cutting off most of the new cane!

If I want to reduce the height of the bush overall, how to I know where to cut on the main cane, since all the leaf nodes have been "developed"? And do I trim all the laterals back as well?

Here's a picture of Jubilee Celebration from the front, taken today. It's probably hard to see from the photo but she's got 2 thick new canes, going up like a "V" and each one has produced lots of branching.

And for comparison, here is Pat Austin from the front - she is much more "bare" and her new canes (she has 4) really stick out but it's a lot easier to guess where to trim her to.

Would be really grateful for any advice!

Thank you

~ HY

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