Help!! Kids bathroom storage!!!

3 years ago

Building a house, framing already done.... and I’m getting VERY concerned about storage space in the kids jack and Jill bathroom. Three kids will share it initially (ages 7,6, and 3). Later on just the older two (both girls) will share it. We just have a lot of kid stuff - various medicines, bandaids, extra toiletries, hair accessories, etc, and I’m anticipating as the girls get older lots of makeup, hair products, blow dryer, curling irons, etc to contend with....

The layout is below. We will have cabinets under the sinks - the cabinet layout has not been finalized yet. I thought about medicine cabinet mirrors, but the ones I’ve found online are so small, I’m not sure if the kids will be tall enough to be able to see themselves in them. I was going to put ring towel holders on each side wall next to the sinks.

I’m looking for any of your creative ideas....!!!! between the studs built-in shelving?? But where?? Good place for 3 bath towel hooks? can I put hooks on the wall the pocket door slides into?

While we’re at it - any recommendations for making the space seem less cramped as far as colors and lighting? I picked white cabinets, probably white shower tile (arabesque and subway), and was thinking of a lighter blue color for the walls.

Thank you!!!!

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