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Which of these two kitchen layouts do you prefer?

5 years ago

We posted a while ago in the brainstorming phase to get design ideas, but now we're ready to begin kitchen cabinets and get serious on our kitchen remodel. We're down to two options on kitchen layout.

Our kitchen used to be small and awkward, so we removed a couple walls leaving the family, dining, and kitchen rooms being open to each other. The problems we face in the design are: (1) the kitchen is wide enough for an island but just barely and not having one leaves it real open and not much cabinet space, (2) the kitchen is in the middle of the house and with the house layout can't be switched with another adjacent "room" without a LOT of work (we're doing most of this ourselves), (3) the sink and exterior window are such that if we did a peninsula between the dining and kitchen it would make a very small dining room, and (4) there just isn't much wall space.

So here are our two finalists for layout options. We like the openess of the one, but the other which includes adding an interior wall may be more functional. Which do you prefer? Or is there a better option C?

Option A

Option B

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