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Mid-century modern update to deck and yard

6 years ago

I recently became a homeowner (August 2017). It is my first home with my husband and Miniature Schnauzer. It has some great bones and character but needs some love…in our opinion. As such, I was hoping that you might be able to help me with my “curb appeal”. We really want to embrace the mid-century vibe of the neighbourhood and our home but we want to keep it as modern and clean as possible. Mid-century modern seems to be our theme? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! The photos are from the original listing, but all of the furniture and canopy have since been moved out. I wanted to give you the full perspective/layout.

We are looking to close in the backyard more fully. There is a fence on the leftside, a chainlink fence at the back, but it is somewhat open on the right, especially around the deck. We would love some sort of gate to the backyard from the carport/front door area, but not totally sure how to incorporate it.

The front door is by the light, after the carport.

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