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What do you do with all the stuff you use but not often in garage?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I've realized recently that my 2 car garage has really just been a one car garage with storage space since I moved into my house. Recently I went through the garage and evaluated all the big items in there and tried to understand what the heck is taking so much space! Originally I thought it was mostly junk I just needed to go through and throw away, but the more I look into it, it seems its stuff I really don't want to get rid of. Here's some of the inventory I took:

3 strollers (jogging, regular, umbrella)


power generator (never used, just have it in case of an emergency)

2 bikes

3 surfboards

2 snowboards

gardening tools

inflatable kayak (compresses into a relatively large box)

2 inflatable tubes

2 folding tables (when guests come over)

6 folding chairs (also for guests)

2 a/c floor a/c units (only need them for the 2-3 months in the house)

BBQ (I know this should be outside, but I'm trying to keep it in good shape)

2 beach chairs


Baby beach tent

2 sleeping bags

4 suitcases

golf clubs

circular saw

large box of tools

large step stool

baby pool

deep freezer

large step stool

2 bags of snorkeling equipment

car bike rack

Then on top of that stuff, I've got a whole bunch of baby stuff my kid has outgrown, but we're holding onto in case we have another:

high chair


infant car seat + base

stroller bassinet

body pillow (takes up a large container)

Then there's a lot of other random stuff, but as you can see this is already a pretty significant list. I'm thinking I could hang a lot of stuff on the walls, but for now I only have one wall in my garage actually dry-walled and have no cabinets or ceiling storage racks since it's an unfinished garage. What do you guys suggest I do?

Thanks so much!!

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