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Exterior design dilemma; should garage doors blend/contrast w/ house?

6 years ago

I am remodeling a 1970's home. The house was not very attractive to begin with, but what's worse is that it was built perpendicular to the road (the "front" door is on the right side of the house in the photo).

Part of the remodel was cutting in garage doors into the existing full basement. So the part of the house facing the street is a plain A-frame with 2 garage doors on the bottom.

The plan was to go with a white or cream exterior paint color with some dark contrasting trim color, although I am not totally set on that idea. We just want the house to be warm and inviting.

I really don't care for garage doors right on the front of a house, but since they are there, I'm trying to decide if they would be more appealing if they were a color close to the exterior of the house to kind of blend in and be less noticeable. The alternative would be to have them a walnut wood-grain color to match the dark trim. The block foundation walls will get brick veneer that will be painted.

I thought I'd add some little pergolas over the garage doors at the end to hopefully add a little curb appeal, but any other suggestions on how to improve the "front" side of this home would be appreciated.

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