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Screened Porch to Sunroom

5 years ago

We built our home 15 years ago and have been very satisfied with it. With the first grandchildren on the way, we have been contemplating play space on the main level. We have a screened patio on the back of our our house that was part of the original construction. We have 3 french doors that open on to the space.

The floor is concrete, above an 8 x 30 ft cold storage area. The floor is 8 inches below the main house level. The floor is 3 ft above outside grade with the concrete foundation being clad with brick. The room height is 10ft.

This would not be DIY but I want to have a good plan in mind before I obtain estimates. I am thinking that we could add floor joists to bring the floor up to level with the house and provide space to insulate. Frame the external walls to 24 - 30 inches and then use energy efficient windows above. Remove the external siding from the current external wall and use it clad the exterior where needed. We would then sheetrock the internal walls. For A/C and heat I was going to use a ductless mini-split heat pump.

Does this seem to be a realistic approach. Any concerns that I need pay specific attention to?

thanks in advance

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