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Using Quartzite and Wood for Countertops in Kitchen - Too Much?

4 years ago

In the midst of our kitchen remodel and we are struggling with the countertop decision. Hoping we can get some professional input in order to avoid a potentially costly mistake. We have decided on white shaker-style cabinets and slate appliances; every other decision hinges on the countertops. We fell in love with Nightfall, a quartzite (pictured below), but in order to cover the entire kitchen (island, main countertops and riser, upper/bar countertop - see picture below) we would need two slabs and that is way out of our budget. Our fabricator suggested mixing wood in there somewhere, an idea that I love (yes, I have read all the pros and cons). The logical place for the wood would be the island, however the quartzite slab is not big enough to cover everything else. She suggested using the quartzite on the island and just the main countertops, wood on the upper level/bar countertops, and carrying the backsplash over to the riser (see picture for layout). To me, that seems like too many materials in one area; if you are looking at my main counter you will see the quartzite, the wood directly above it and the backsplash on the riser in between. That seems very busy, and my vision is a very clean look. Ideally, I want whatever is on the main countertop carried up to the riser (I'm ok with the upper level counter being different) to create a more seamless look. We will have a very simple backsplash on the wall behind the stove only. Here is my question: could we use wood on the island AND the upper level countertop (even though they are in different areas of the kitchen), and have the quartzite on all the main counters and the riser? Or is that too much as the island and the upper counters are separated by the main countertop? Am I back to it being too busy? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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