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Need help deciding between gas/electric package units.

5 years ago

I live in TN and currently have a Carrier 48SS024060311AA on a 1200 sq ft home will be replacing it very soon. It is basically rusted to death and is limping along and duct taped together.

I have three options

Goodman GPG14240M060M41AA - 14 Seer - $2000

Goodman GPG16240M060M41AA - 16 Seer - $2700

Rheem RGEA15024AJT061AA - 15 Seet $2500

I dont know much of anything about Rheem so it is hard to consider it. I also dont know if the 16 seer vs 14 seer Goodman is worth it. All three are from the same installer.

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