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Help! Bathroom advice desperately needed

We are getting ready to move and have a dilemma with our master bath. It's a "classic" (aka - outdated) master bathroom and we really need to remove the wall of laminate counter.

Initially it seemed easy - knock out the wall of laminate, find something with the same footprint and replace it. Easy peasy!

Well, now it's seeming not so easy (why is everything harder rather than easier than you thought? Just once I'd love to have something easier than I originally thought!) is that we have tile halfway up the wall (all the way around where the tile meets counter and continuing on up to the ceiling in the shower) and the contractor doesn't think that they sell the tile anymore. He's worried that if he rips out the cabinet, that we will have to retile the entire shower. Being a 50's beauty, the tile is some kind of cement, so demolition is quite costly. I have been told I won't

If I were staying there longer, I would consider this expense, but I can't afford to rip out the whole bathroom.

I'm desperate for any ideas you might have on how I could spend $3k or $4k and make this an updated master bath that would pass muster with a potential millennial buyer? Thanks in advance for your help!

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