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Source for metal edging for LVT?

6 years ago

Hi, we are redoing our hallway floor with American Biltrite's UltraCeramic LVT. I love the tile and the finished look with grout. My question relates to how we finish some of the edges, particularly two spots where the floor meets stairs. The existing carpet wraps about the top stair edge. If I was using ceramic tile, I could find many choices in Schluter's metal tile edging. But Schluter's metal tile edging is all designed for a floor tile that is thicker than the 4mm UltraCeramic LVT. What do other people use? I have not been able to find the right answer - and neither our large tile store (which specializes in ceramic and porcelain tile and does not seem to have the same depth of expertise or amount of business with LVT) nor American Biltrite itself (which has yet to respond to an internet outreach for advice) has been any help. Maybe there is someone on this forum who knows a good answer? Thanks in advance!