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Colorado, Z5. What are your go to shrubs and small trees?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We are moving from Illinois to Colorado this summer. Our new lot will have zero landscaping, not even sod. Per design rules, I need to present the Design Committee a plan of what we are intending on doing for the lot.

My current landscaper will be drawing the plan, but since he doesn’t really know what kind of shrubs or trees are commonly used or are “go to” in Colorado, he can only give us a very generic plan. Which will work, I just need to know where to put what. We will do the work ourselves, we are very DIY, and my son has spent the last two summers working for his uncle, my landscaper :)

But I’d like to know what types of small, medium, and larger shrubs are good for the area. I’m going to be in the Fort Collins area. The house faces south, with the back of the house north facing. I’m assuming some sunlight will be present in the very back of the yard, but let’s just figure on a 50/50 sun/shade (House is not built yet, all I have are plans).

I also need small tree ideas. I have a lot of flowering crabs currently, are those doable in Colorado? We have a tiny, little lot, so I can’t have a huge maple or other ginormous tree.

Also, Im not here to plan how to ”use the space”. I just want green and landscaped right now. I‘m seriously not into designing any sort of outdoor oasis or anything of the sort. I just want names and types of shrugs and small trees that are good for the area we will be moving to.

Thanks for any help.

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