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Horendous color clash advice- exterior palette- Please help!

6 years ago

I'm looking for a front door/shutter color to complement the main house color and make it look less green. The primary color is Sherwin Williams Fenland SW7544. The door/shutters are SW 6054 Canyon Clay (red.) The eaves/fascia are SW2833 Roycroft Vellum. The stone trim is grouted a reddish-brown color. At one point the builder painted the door the "wrong" color and it looked better than the final color except that I think it clashed with the stone. I can't afford to re-paint the entire exterior so I need an option that works well with the main color, stone, and trim. I'm thinking a cool, dark brown??? The HOA wants the door/shutter to be a different color than the fascia and will have final approval. I want to love my new home but these colors are awful! Thanks in advance for your advice!

The "wrong" color door... the builder changed the door/shutters to the red shown below prior to closing.

The final colors... awful.

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