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Tannin pull in white oak

6 years ago
Hi there. Am currently preparing to meet with our hardwood flooring sub (new build) in a few weeks and am trying to educate myself. We have select engineered white oak being installed and are hoping to maintain the unfinished wood color as much as possible.

I understand there are two main sources of yellowing of white oak. I will be sure a water-based product is used to address the yellowing from solvent based products.

My question is about tannin pull... is this something that completes by the time the floor is dry/cured? Or will it continue to pull and yellow more over time?

My flooring guy is going to put samples down on the floor after they're installed. I'm wondering, if I wait a few days and the color is good enough without having to use a sealer will it look the same over time?

I know a lot goes into achieving this look which is why I'm trying to educate myself ahead of time. I'll be sure to discuss their experience with achieving this type of finish and what products they like to use (knowing I need to stay away from solvents and also Rubio Monocoat because those dark stains are terrifying) so I can make as educated a decision as possible.

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