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Warm grayish color for whole house! Need help! Paint experts??

6 years ago

I have been going back and forth for weeks on which color to paint the new house we are building. we have to go with Pittsburg paints so I found a few that I like , I just dont know how they will look on the whole house! The trim will be a bright white. Ceilings and walls will be same color so I don't want to go too dark Or too light. I like Whiskers and Storms Coming paint colors by Pittsburg paints because they are both warm gray/almost taupe. I want a gray that will go with browns, golds, beiges, tans ....warmth. The new house has a ton of natural lighting so my fear is that I pick a paint color that will look too washed out with all of the natural lighting. The ppg whiskers paint has lrv of 60 and Storms Coming las LRV of 59 so both very similar. If you have used either of these paint colors please post pictures and comments!!!! Or any advice on other colors...

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