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Need Help with My Room Layout: CHALLENGE!!!

Derrick Coonrod
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

This is my current Layout. Anything in my room can be moved. Not tied to anything in particular, including my furniture. If it's bad, I can replace it with something different. The small Furniture is as follows:

On the desk in the top left, there is a Computer Setup. I Like where it is but if someone can come up with a better spot that would be great too.

There is a stereo on the top middle dresser with speakers on the dresser as well. Would eventually probably mount a 65 inch tv above it wherever it ends up going.

I Have a Lava Lamp on my nightstand :)

The double doors are just for my closet.

The Two windows in my room back up to the forest and it has a great view.

If there's any information i missed please let me know! i don't know how to layout my room!

Should i mount my speakers off the dresser? or should that dresser go and be replaced with a real home theater cabinet?

Also, What color should i paint my room? any design ideas? cost isn't really a big issue.


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