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Need help with 2 story great room wall that is common with loft wall.

6 years ago

I have a very large great room wall open to large loft. Just for scale, the photos on the back wall, are 16 by 20" and are spread over approximately 6 ft. The TV is to the right in a built in craftsman style cabinet over fireplace. The wall to left, (not seen) is a 2 story wall of windows looking out over the Pemigewasset River with Mountain view. (I know, I have to pinch myself every time) The sofa is a half round sofa in front of TV/fireplace and cant be moved to that wall.

To me, this wall should be an accent color, dark, a greige. and the ceiling line in loft goes under a sophit making the end

paint line an easy decision. I would like to put shelving, preferable rustic, approximately 10-12 inches deep, and long, approximately 2/3'rds of the length of wall (15-16 feet) so 6-8 ft in length on that wall to display large pieces of art, photos, and deep enough to hold other artifacts. They would be approximately 3 ft apart from each other to accommodate height of larger scale art/photos to fit the grandness of this large empty wall. Currently, the photos there are photos of the very views we see out our window or nearby to our address. I would possibly extend a similar shelf into loft wall to tie it all together with photos/signage. It is easily viewed from above and below. This is a huge open floor plan, with dining area opposite from great wall, and kitchen to left of dining room, all open. Any other suggestions? Recommendations? We have looked for art that is affordable, themed for mountain landscape home, and its just not been found. Hubby is ok with accent wall, but is not on board with shelving. He has only installed or viewed wire or laminate with utilitarian hardware. Advise please?

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