Should I give up on the idea of inground citrus?

3 years ago

Hello all

So I’ve been struggling for the last four years to grow citrus inground, in a frost pocket. I’ve only had a really good harvest last year on one of my mandarins, and one of my Shikwasa. All of my trees suffer a lot of die back each winter, regardless of frost covers. I went up tonight and it looks like almost all my trees have lost all of their leaves ( unless curled and crispy are still alive? ). The area in front of my house is always warmer. Despite being young trees, the citrus in pots are in superior condition, with no frost protection of any kind. I have a parking lot now which I could put a lot of pots in if I want to. I found the source of very large pots, such as the ones blueberries are in in the video, and even larger. I’m considering digging up any survivors and moving them all in the pots. Just wondering if the quality of the fruit will suffer, and if I’ll end up having a lot of trouble when they outgrow the pots. Weather station said a low of -7, but my thermometer at the Darden showed a low of -10, and 10% humidity, jacking up during the day. Lot of days like that this year. Purchasing another thermometer to test in front of my house, but I know it’s much warmer there all the time. Here’s a video:


In pots:

As I mention in the video, more elaborate winter protection is difficult as we live in a typhoon zone and there’s no electricity there.

So what do you think, give up and move everything into pots, Yay or Nay?

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