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val (MA z6)
4 years ago

Are you relatively new to Gardenweb? With the past 2-3 years? Looking for people to swap with, but individual trades are sometimes hard to come by and/or postage is adding up? Or you just want to trade to get more varieties of Flowers and Veggies (and herbs)?


Here's' how it works:

1. Sign up -- Deadline to sign up is February 16, 2018

Introduce yourself, tell us a little about your gardening, what you like, what your plans are. If you're shy, send me a message, but it'd be nice for us to get to know each other bettter!

2. Create your Wish List (on this thread)

for Seeds you would like. Take a little time creating your list & give it some thought -- you get one posting with about a week for edits on the site, and then can no longer change your wish list. Deadline for posting lists is February 23th -- but do so as soon as you can, so people can start viewing your list and getting seeds on your wish list ready to send in for you!

3. Review other participants' wish lists, and gather seeds that you have on their wish lists.

4. ALL seeds must be clean and dry before packaging (so no mold), free of most chaff, and packed in plastic craft ziploc bags so they can be inspected before they are passed on. If they are full of chaff or not cleaned, your seeds will be returned to you. They should have a label or information on paper inside with seeds that have the NAME OF THE PLANT/VARIETY, DATE/YEAR COLLECTED, and YOUR NAME. Seed quanities should be 8-25 (large seeds/commercially bought and rarer seeds less, common and/or seeds saved from your garden more)

5. Pack seeds for each participant in a snack size ziploc bag with their name (TO) and your name (FROM) on the front. Or you wrap in a piece of paper, as long as all it is easy to open and inspect and all seeds for one person are together and their name is clearly on the front (with yours)

6. You may send a Maximum of 150 seeds total. No more than 120 flowers and no more than 50 veggies/herbs. You can send all flowers if you want, all veggies or a combination of both. If we have a larger participation than I expect for this swap, I may increased that maximum.

If you send 150 seeds, you will receive 150 seeds back. If you send 40 seeds, you will receive 40 back. There will be some from other participants that have send your wishes. There will be wishes I am able to fulfill, and the rest will be rounded out with other seeds, a variety of what has been sent in trade and some interesting ones from my stash. If you have 100 items from everyone's wish lists and want to send an additional 50 seeds, you may do that. They dont have to all be seeds from someone's wish list.

If you send in mostly common seeds (marigolds, cosmos, zinnias, etc), you will get mostly common seeds in return. If you send all dollar store seeds in, you'll get dollar seeds back (dont recommend this if you really want a good swap). If you send a nice variety of seeds, you'll get a nice variety of seeds back.

7. Mail your seeds to me with $5 return postage and a return address label or your name/address printed/typed by MARCH 3, 2018 in a bubble mailer than I can reuse to send your seeds back to you. I should have all seeds in my hands by March 9, 2018.

I will provide everyone my address via private message. So make sure your messaging is set up. I will return your swap seeds as soon as possible. Please dont be late with mailing your holds everyone's swap up and if you are too late, your seeds will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.

Most of you will recognize me as the "Newbie Seed Project" lady. I love to help you young gardeners (of any age!) get and/or get a wider variety of seeds and swaps are a great way to get alot of seeds in one place for a small amount of postage.

Let's have some fun!

Questions? Ask away!

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