Semi-DIY 36" custom closet help

3 years ago

Hi, I have a closet that I would love to make better use of by building it out. It is only 36" wide, but i really want to maximize the space. It would be a multi-purpose closet that could hold some shoes, towels/linens, files (paper), and cleaning products, Ideally I was thinking something like the below setup and could use one of those 16" wide starter kits ( plus some add on drawers ( and then get a few pre-drilled melamine boards for the left and right side walls, and line it all up and create some shelves on the left and right sides. I think it would be a $200-300$ project and turn the closet into a way more functional one, and I am thinking it would be pretty easy. Any thoughts on this approach? Are there better ways to do this? Am I oversimplifying the work involved? I don't mind spending more money to make it look better or make the work easier, but I'd rather not do the full custom closet vendor thing since they seem to have some pretty steep prices for something not too much different. Thoughts?

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