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I need help with furniture placement in a large living room.

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We moved into a villa in Florida a few weeks ago. The rooms are large with 12 foot ceilings, which is what we liked, but now stressing and still having furniture placement problems.

I already got rid of a few pieces so I’m trying to make it work with the furniture I now have. I will include a lot of photos that will hopefully help you help me, please.

The blue tape on the floor is the approximate size of the new larger carpet for the living room, rolled up on the dining area floor. When this is laid the legs of the chairs as well as the side tables will be on the carpet. The living room appears left sided heavy to me. I had the two matching gray chairs close to the couch but that left such a large space behind them so I moved the two chairs back against the half wall. I have pictures of the tufted back chair on both sides of the room. I think I like it on the left side with the matching chairs against the half wall but does that then make it more heavy on that side?

Maybe it doesn’t work on either side..confusion!!!

I will be buying a tall thin palm for the brown planter, then placing it on one side of the room, but which side? The wall with the TV is about 18 feet long and we are looking for a modern long wall TV set up that will help balance things out.

In addition, I had the front door painted black, which I like, and want to have the French doors and the frame of the large mirror in the dining area also painted black. Will this work or look awful? Help!!

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me on anything, it will be greatly appreciated. I used this forum before and it is so very helpful. Thank you Houzz.

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