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When in rose season does Lavender Lassie begin flowering?

4 years ago


Is Lavender Lassie an early,mid,or late-season bloomer? Trying to
"orchestrate" one's plantings in such a way as to provide a constant
stream of bloom from the beginning to the end of rose season is very
difficult because not much info is available about exactly when in roses
season does a given variety bloom. I don't remember where I saw it
on-line, but I suspect it might have been on the Vintage Gardens website
(o how I miss that!!!). I think Gregg was writing about pruning season,
and he spoke of starting with certain classifications first because
they opened earlier, as a general rule (just as an example, it was
something along the lines of"floribundas tend to open later than
Bourbons" ,though that is NOT what he wrote; I'm just making that up as
an example.). Now for y'all in the US moving roses around maybe is not
such a big deal, because you don't have to worry about Rose Replant
Syndrome, but here in Europe we must be more careful. My potted LLassie
is ready to go out,and I have a spot in mind, but I think I'd like
something early-ish there,so if it tends to be later, maybe another spot
would be indicated. My garden is in Tuscany, Italy, very dry, hot,
early summers,about a zone 8. Comments from all are most welcomed and

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