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Help me select furniture for my new construction living room,

Angela Smith
4 years ago
Some of you may remember some posts from a while ago about furniture for our new construction living room. I took your advice and "pumped the brakes" on the design decisions because I was feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I'm ready to get back at it now!

This is the space we are working with. It is a great room that is about 19 x 19, open to kitchen and dinette. The TV will be upgraded to a larger size and a dark-ish media console will go beneath it (we're debating between a floor console and a floating console). The rug is new and is staying, it is a good size for the space, allowing all front feet of the furniture to be placed on it. The loveseat is new and a decision I jumped the gun on -- but it is here now. I am debating between ordering the matching sofa OR trying to find a coordinating sofa. It's a cooler grey-ish base. COMFORT IS KEY (as this is our only living space until we finish our basement). I would like to get either one or two accent chairs to go by the windows. We have the space for two, depending on size. We have tried different furniture arrangements, and this is the one we feel works best for our family and living situation.

I am insistent on keeping the furniture neutral (grey, tan, beige, cream). The rug has some color, as will my eventual throw pillows and throws. The art above the mantle also has color.

Looking for help with:
- should I order the matching sofa or look for something different altogether? I am worried they are just going to look mismatched if I order something different
- Not sure what to do about the accent chairs, I think that will depend largely on what I end up doing with the sofa.
- media console that sits on the floor or floats, attached to the wall?
- Pictures and or links appreciated for any furniture recommendations you might have! I do have some budget for the sofa, chairs, and media console.

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