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please help me design my home office! need bookshelves

6 years ago
Hello! I posted about this in another thread but this morning I cleared out the room in question and got better photos.

This is my second bedroom that I’d like to turn into a cozy home office. I do a small amount of crafty type stuff and will need storage for little items like washi tape, greeting cards etc. Maybe can fit them in my desk? Have to try.

Anyway, I need help with storage in here that will be visually appealing as well as functional. I’m leaning towards white to keep it simple and modern. I bought this IKEA desk top with Alex drawers and like it a lot. I can’t decide which configuration of bookshelves to get and I have a problem with buying furniture without much of a plan and then it looks weird.

I’ve been debating between the ikea Kellax (formerly Billy), ikea vittsjo (white), and Target’s cube version of the Billy. I am struggling bc I have read mixed reviews on the quality of the target shelves and the look. However if I order from Ikea I have to pay for shipping which is almost half the cost of the item.

I also don’t want it too “nursery”-ish or like a playroom.

I have books that I need to store but not an outrageous amount. I also have some small decorative items that I will want to use to “stage” the shelves.

I also have the problem of wall art but first I need to figure out my bookshelf/storage situation. I also need to try to figure out a non-hideous way to store the printer. Any ideas????

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