Mudroom Remodel - Soliciting Help

3 years ago

When we renovated, we made room for a mudroom. At that time, my requirements were simple: room for 2 hockey bags and sticks.

Fast forward to the time when I no longer have hockey players living at home (but still one teenager).

I took pictures without cleaning up (or photoshopping, hee hee).

Goals: I'd like to make this a more functional and attractive space.

We are in New England. When it's cold outside, I enter the house through the garage, with hands full (gloves, phone, purse, coat), I'd rather hang my coat on a peg (one handed) vs. set everything down and use a hanger. DH, however, uses the pegs as first choice so I need to set everything down in order to use a hanger. In short: I'd like my own pegs. More attractive goes without saying; I like a Shaker, Transitional style.

Currently, there are three of us at home, four over the holidays.

As Is:

There is a 8.5" foundation wall bump-out, which allows us to hang coats as shown in the second picture. In short, the available space is 8 1/2 inches deeper on top of the wall.

Looking from the pantry into the mudroom. As you can see, this is incredibly cluttered.

From the garage, into the mud room and stove room:

From the stove room back looking towards the garage:


  • Better shoe storage
  • Space to hang coats on pegs

Nice to have

  • Bench - somewhere to sit while putting on/taking off shoes
  • Somewhere to put things down when coming into the room (counter level shelf)

What's stored in here currently which should stay:

  • collapsible ladder
  • broom
  • dustpan and brush
  • hats
  • gloves
  • scarves
  • bike bag
  • dog leashes

What don't need to store:

  • paint cans
  • uninstalled pot filler
  • grout
  • paintbrushes, etc.
  • rest of accumulated junk

I spent time on Houzz collecting inspiration pictures for the whole space. After a while, I realized that the storage on the right is extremely functional, so it makes sense to keep it.

I would appreciate thoughts on the following, which has the advantage of simple lines. The new unit on the left would lose depth (just to the foundation wall, 15") but I think the clean lines would make up for that. (Built with Sketch-up, no firm ideas yet how to best build).

What am I missing and what recommendations would you have?

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