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Painter People: Honey Oak Exorcism Help!

4 years ago

I know some Houzzers have bravely taken the plunge to expel their dreaded, 80's, shiny, orangey, oak. All we have left is this THREE STORY staircase (handrails and a bazillion balusters). We aren't replacing them. Sooo, I know to use good primer after cleaning, etc. but my question is about HOW SERIOUS I need to be about getting every little smidget of the "shiny" off while sanding. At the rate I'm going this sanding will take me about 284 1/2 days and I'm going to die from boredom b/4 the honey oak dies! We are planning on painting the same white as trim everywhere after priming. some pics (including the last pic showing a close up of a sanded area). THANKS!

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