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Neighbor has broken car parked in easement. About to close on house.

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I’m about to close on a house. Behind the house is an alley. in order for the neighbor to use their garage, they have to drive onto my future property to get inside. The problem is that they have an old beat up car, that doesn’t run, parked on my property in front of their garage door.

Not only are they violating the easement, but it’s a huge eye sore, and it will make it difficult for us to use our own garage. Thankfully we have a small car.

I'm about to close on this house and i’ve communicated with the sellers that i’d like the old car removed, but they’ve done nothing about for over a month.

what should I do if the car is there at the time of closing? I don’t want to have to call a tow truck to have it removed, and I’d rather not get into a dispute with my neighbors. I also don’t want to hear them say they’ll move the car tomorrow and then never move it.

Should I refuse to close unless the car is removed? The closing date is coming up fast. Any advice is appreciated!

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