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Subzero 48 inch built-in vs. Miele Fridge/Freezer - Please help!!!

6 years ago

We are building a new house and have small children and are deciding between the following:

1. Subzero 48 inch built-in with external dispenser, in stainless steel

2. Miele 30 inch or 36 inch fridge with 18 inch freezer (likely without external dispenser), the SF version which comes with stainless steel panel which is clean touch stainless steel

I like the external dispenser of the Subzero (good for encouraging drinking water for us and the kids), but worried about the upkeep of the stainless with fingerprints etc. Want to stick with stainless rather than cabinet paneling because otherwise all white kitchen (with white counters and cabinets) so stainless will break that up. Also, cabinet paneling does not look as good with the external dispenser, and with the Subzero, we would want the external dispenser. The lighting of the Subzero is not great either.

As for the Miele, we would likely not get the 18 inch freezer with external dispenser because there is very little storage space inside, even though I do like the external dispenser. So with Miele, would probably get 18 inch freezer without dispenser, and either 30 inch or 36 inch fridge. With the 30 inch fridge, actually smaller capacity than the 48 inch Subzero built-in fridge capacity. Also the 36 inch fridge is just a couple hundred dollars more, and with that get more storage capacity than 48 inch Subzero built-in fridge capacity, so probably would go with that. But would a 36 inch fridge with 18 freezer next to each other look odd? Usually see a 30 inch fridge next to an 18 inch freezer. A bigger 30 inch freezer would be much more expensive and probably too big overall with a 36 inch fridge. Great things about the Miele are the better interior lighting and the clean touch stainless, especially with kids. But then don't get the external dispenser, and would a 36 inch fridge with 18 inch freezer next to each other look odd? Also, Miele would be more expensive than Subzero 48 inch built-in. Also, generally prefer the professional rather than more modern look of Miele, but could go with it.

What should we do??? Been agonizing over this!!!! Any/all advice would be appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

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