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Advice for cactus turning white in patches

6 years ago

Hi all,

I have a bunny ears cactus that over the past couple months has started to turn white and grey in patches. The patches that have been there longer tend to be a more opaque white and the new patches are more of a translucent grey. I’m watering it infrequently due to the season (about once a month) but I worry that because I’m in a dorm room now with a window in a typically shady area, its not getting as much sunlight as it used to. My room is also quite warm so I keep it on a windowsill that has a draft. The base of my plant has also progressively turned brown (this has been happening for a while now, before I brought it into a dorm). I had been planning to replant it this summer because the pot I currently have it in does not have a drainage hole, but I’m not sure thats an issue because I’ve had this plant for 12 years and it didn’t seem to have a problem before. Any advice would be much appreciated! Here are some pictures for reference:

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