What exact info do I need to in order to get a builder's quote?

3 years ago

I'm curious what exactly I should have in order to get builder's quotes?

I have the actual floor plans and I know what finishes I want, such as impact resistant windows, hardie siding, wood floors, real wood shaker cabinets, shaker doors, simple trim, etc. Do I need anything more? Can't they give me a good estimate on that information?

The reason I ask, is that the current builder we are talking with seems to want all the specific details now. Like what color paint, what type of hardwood, what type of door handles, faucets, which exact brick veneer I want for the foundation, etc. He has me going around to area suppliers picking out exactly what I want. I have no idea at this point in time what color paint I want, or what kind of light fixtures I want.

Is this how it's suppose to work? I feel like I'm wasting time at this point and I'm about to go talk to other builders, but want to know what is expected of me before I get into this again.

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