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Use shoe molding or not in kitchen and family room.

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We are replacing our old carpet, tile, and wood floors with slightly dark maple engineered floors in kitchen, living room, and family room glued down to concrete slab.

1. Our installer suggested using base shoe molding around the island and perimeter of base cabinets. We were hoping to get a clean wood floor install without the shoe molding just like the tile floor (picture attached)

Does shoe molding look good and is it preferable over trying to get a clean look around the island and bottom cabinets? (We will be upgrading kitchen soon and changing to white cabinets)

If we decide to use shoe molding, we are considering over the standard quarter-round type shoe molding.

2. In our family room, one of the installers suggested that they could cut a little under the brick layer in front of the fireplace by half an inch just enough so that the wood floor installs cleanly underneath it. However our current installer is recommending we use a shoe molding instead.

Is it a good idea to cut the brick or is shoe molding a better approach? What is a common practice and would a shoe mold look good in front of fire place and along the base of those cabinets?

3. Similarly, should we try to remove the base trim from our family room cabinets and install it over the floors or just put a base shoe on top of the trim?

(Please see the attached picture)

Thanks in advance.

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