Help finish master bedroom...window coverings, rug?, art, accents

Patricia Smith
3 years ago
I’ve cleaned out the room and painted. The walls are SW Canvas Tan and the trim is SW Dover White. The walls definitely have a subtle green overtone. It’s not what I expected, but I actually like it. The adjoining bath is painted SW Sea Salt. The only items in the room that are not negotiable is the coverlet/shams, lamps, and that darn ceiling fan. DH will consider a nicer fan, but won’t give it up. I’d like to work with that bed for now, but will eventually replace it. Nightstands can go or stay. Would something narrower fit that space better? I’ve been traditional in the past, but want to move more transitional. I like the idea of bringing the Sea Salt color into the bedroom as an accent color.

I prefer neutral window coverings, maybe white? I need privacy at night but want them open during the day. If I go with curtains, should I frame the window on both sides or just hang them on the wall side? I despise grommets, but can handle anything else. The rods I have are 1” in ORB.

Room dimensions are roughly 17’ x 12’ Ceiling is 8’ around the perimeter with double tray. Floor plan and photos attached!

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