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Hairline cracks in brand new shower tile

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We recently hired a pro GC with 40+ yrs of experience to redo our NYC bathroom. And today, less than two months after finishing, have noticed two adjacent tiles with horizontal cracks. Details below.

- shower is a walk in shower, no tub

- crack is horizontal across two tiles, about 60" from the shower pan (floor)

- tiles are ceramic wall tiles, large format, 10"x20"

- the bathroom has an exterior wall and window, brick building, this is not the wall that cracked. the wall that touches the exterior wall cracked.

- they put insulation between the walls

- they attached some kind of backboard, no idea if flexible tape was used at the joints

- any ideas? do we need to be concerned that all the tiles will crack this way?

- can we just rip out these two, tape if needed?

- just noticed two more on a different wall. great.

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